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“Journey of No Return” on the 8th Asiana International Film Festival in South Korea

Nov 5, 2011   //   News


For this year’s International Competition, a total of 2,262 films (714 domestic films/1,548 international films) from 83 countries were submitted only to reach the largest number of film submission and countries in the history of AISFF. Consisting with 7 preliminary juries, the iuries selected films advancing to the final with consideration in its content and structure, value as short film,the consciousness and attitude of director and region and genre arrangements. A total of 52 films from 30 countries in AISFF lntemational Competition will be competing for the prizes and the final result will be announcing at the end of the festival.

Taking a close look at the genre of the finalists, the fiction genre is dominant with 37 films, 8 animations, 4 experimental films, 2 documentaries and 1 music video, all of which are featured with new experimental attempts and the spirit and vision to expand the boundary of genre of short films. Above all, as a film festival for cultural diversity and coexistence, this year’s International Competition sought to discover not only noteworthy films but also films standing where quota per country intersects with their quality.

From films examining rising social issues like domestic violence, sexual crime and human rights abuse and a film touching our heartstrings with a thoughtful consideration and introspection on human beings, to a film featured with an original imagination and humor immersed in a short but strong image and a film with stirring impression and bitter smile, 52 finalists in the competition will deliver joy, anger, sorrow, happiness of short films with their own voice and color.

Journey of No Return is in Experimental Forum of 52nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece

Nov 5, 2011   //   News

52nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival Announces 2011 Experimental Forum

Journey of No Return will be screened in the section “LAST YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS – DISAPPEARANCE OF THE AVAILABLE” of  the Experimental Forum of 52nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

From the announcement of the festival:

This section presents a small, choice selection of experimental films from all over the world, made in the past year and defined by the general subject of Disappearance. These films are not considered rare in the experimental scene, so they are essentially “disappearing” because of their availability; the Forum aims to correct that and give them the attention that they deserve.

The Sea of Tranquillity, Antoon Cox, Belgium 2011, 13’
Journey of No Return – Last Stop Frankfurt Airport, Güclü Yaman, Germany 2010, 25’,
Sivan, Zohar Elefant, Israel, 2010, 14’

Best Directing Award at NYC Filmmakers Festival in New York

Nov 5, 2011   //   News

Journey of no Return has won Best Directing Award at NYC Filmmaker’s Festival in New York City.